Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Treats and the Digestive System

I went to BJ’s today for Halloween candy, and ended up spending a total of over $200! It’s not unusual for me. While I was there, I picked up 10 lbs of wings and a rack of ribs for the Pat’s game on Sunday, Scoops and salsa, salad stuff, razors and deodorant, a pot roast, chicken tenders, cereal and bananas, a bunch of other stuff... oh yeah, and candy.

My husband kept saying, "Get the cheap candy, Tootsie Rolls and the like." So I did. I got a 5 lb bag of assorted Tootsies, 5 lbs of assorted hard candies, a bucket of Twizzlers and a box of granola bars. It wasn’t cheap. I also already have a stash of assorted mini candy bars... the good stuff... that I’ll keep hidden in case we run out of the other stuff... if we don’t, it’s mine! :-P

After lunch, hubby broke into the Tootsies, and I went for the granola bars, the sweet & salty peanut kind. I don’t think I’ve had any since last Halloween, and I LOVE them. I wolfed the first one down, then took my time to savor the second one... mmmmmm. :-) After that, I cleaned up after lunch, did a little internet surfing, answered a few emails... <yawn> and got a little sleepy. It was time for a nap. Zzzzzzz.

Two hours later, I wake up feeling like I have a gullet full of marbles... It was those peanuts, they were still there! I’ve heard of older people having trouble digesting nuts, but that can’t be the reason. Maybe I should have taken my time and chewed those peanut bars up a little better. Do you think the pharmaceutical companies will come up with a drug to fight peanut reflux?

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