Friday, October 7, 2011

Sally's Quilting Corner: Harvest of Quilts Quilt Show

If you like quilting and quilts, and you'll be on Cape Cod for the weekend of Oct 22-23, then check out the Harvest of Quilts Show at the Cultural Center on Old Main Street in South Yarmouth...

Sally's Quilting Corner: Harvest of Quilts Quilt Show: Come one come all to a Harvest of Quilts Quilt Show!!! Cape Cod Quilters Guild is holding their   3rd Annual Quilt Show Saturday, Octobe...

Friday, July 29, 2011

HandmadeBits4U: Christmas in July

HandmadeBits4U: Christmas in July: "I'm dreaming of cooler temperatures during this hot, ugly, never-ending heat wave we are experiencing here in Minnesota. Yesterday we broke..."

I LOVE her handmade bowl holders... like a cozy for a hot bowl of soup! And, everything is 10% off!!!

"Everything in my HandmadeBits4u ETSY shop is on sale - to receive a 10% discount you must use this coupon code when you check out : CHRISTMASINJULY2011 "

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Rebooting and Juicing Up!

Have you seen the documentary, "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead", yet? My hubby and I watched it the other day... actually, I did... he fell asleep half way through...

We watched it on Netflix... here's the trailer...

Though not the most entertaining flick, it is very interesting and quite inspiring... so much so, that I''ve decided to try the juicing "Reboot" for two weeks... maybe longer. My plan is to use the reboot to cleans and jump-start my way to healthier eating through adding more fruits and veggies to my diet, and eliminating  processed foods to once-in-a-blue-moon. 

This isn't a spur-of-the-moment decision for me... it's something I've been working my way up to for a long time... especially since having colon cancer surgery almost a year ago. I was lucky, the surgery "cured" me of that bout with cancer, but it also made me realize, I'm not as healthy as I thought I was, and that diet plays a major roll in overall health. (not that I didn't always know it, but now I really have to do something about it)

Yesterday I purchased a juicer and about $65 worth of veggies and fruits, which I'm figuring should take me through the next 4 or 5 days (I shopped at a local "up-scale" grocer, and would have spent less buying "on sale" at the regular supermarket). I got the $149.99 Cuisinart CJE-1000 at Macy's using a couple of gift cards I had gotten for Xmas, and with a coupon the sales lady had, I got it for around $37... Merry Christmas to me! They also had a store brand juicer for $39.99 with a $10 rebate, so it's not too expensive to try juicing. :) 

So, here's my first juice of the day... pretty dang tasty!

7 Veggie Yum

2 tomatoes
1 green pepper
1/2 a large cucumber
large carrot (or 2 reg carrots)
2 stalks celery
big handful of spinach
3-4 leaves of kale
1/2 a lemon
about 8 fresh basil leaves

Wash everything under running water, cut to fit (if necessary) and juice. 
I  added a pinch of sea salt and some fresh ground pepper to my juice, 'cause I likes it like that! ;)
I ended up with about 30 ounces of juice and had a big glass for breakfast, and another around mid-morning when my tummy started rumbling.
Make sure you keep your leftovers refrigerated, and drink within a day.

If you have any of your own "juicing" recipes, please share them in your comments! 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Honey from the Bee Artisan Jewelry inspired by Nature and Adventure: Working on the Chain Gang

Have a look at my UWIB friend Janet's new earring inspirations... they're gorgeous!

Aqua Splash Earrings by Honey From The Bee

They're so cool and refreshing... just like a walk along the shore of a Cape Cod beach. :) These were the first pair pictured from Janet's recent caffeine fueled creating sessions, and my favorite of the group, but the others are just as beautiful... have a look at her blog post to see them all!

Follow the link to her blog post...

Honey from the Bee Artisan Jewelry inspired by Nature and Adventure: Working on the Chain Gang: "I tasked myself with creating some new earrings for my shop this week using my supply of vintage and interesting chain. Aqua Splash ..."

Sunday, May 22, 2011

UWIB BlogHop - A Cape Cod Wedding

Back on June 30th, 2007, I became a happy, blushing bride... okay, at my age I was well past the "blushing" stage... let's just say I was happy and "flushed". ;)  It was a gorgeous day, and my now husband and I had a lovely outdoor ceremony and reception, with friends and family here on Cape Cod. It was a magical day. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Cape Cod is a romantic place to hold a wedding, and whether you can tie the knot here, or are looking for a little Cape Cod flavor for your nuptials, I thought I would share a few local items that will make your special day even more special. :)

Sailboat Wedding Invitation by Dulce Press on Etsy

I love these nautical themed invitations. :) Jen, from Dulce Press, has a small shop/studio on Cape Cod, where she makes her beautiful handcrafted, custom paper products. She has an Etsy shop (click ^ pic) with a modest selection, or visit her website for more variety and styles to choose from... 

Hold Everything by hheaslip on Etsy

These adorable clay place/note/card/photo holders are handmade by Holly Heaslip, a native Cape Codder and award winning artist, who's inspiration comes from the sea shore. Holly has had an extensive art education and over 30 years experience in working with clay. Visit her Etsy shop (click ^ pic) to see more... she is also happy to take custom orders. :) 

Cape Cod Scallop Shell Necklace by MidWestMermaid on Etsy

What a precious necklace - fit for bride or bridesmaid! Gigi Golato, who proclaims to be a "beach loving displaced Cape Cod girl", handcrafts these pendants from fine silver using a mold she made from a tiny scallop shell she found on a Cape Cod beach. Click the pic to see her listing, and browse her shop for many more beautiful pieces of her original, handmade jewelry. :)

"The Wedding Cod" by Cape Card on Etsy

Last, but not least, is this whimsical customizable print by Cape Cod graphic artist - Andrew Newman. My husband and I discovered his art hanging on the walls of a local breakfast spot, and knew we would some day have one of his pieces.  For our first anniversary, my husband presented me with a customized, "The Wedding Cod".  It is just the most awesome commemoration of our vows... I LOVE it! <3 Check out Andrew's Etsy shop, and his website:  for prints, posters, notecods, postcods and stickers for ANY occasion!


This post is a part of the Unique Women in Business' monthly blog hop... for more wonderful wedding themed goodness, check out our other members contributions...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Whimsical Herbal Art with "good4you"

I found this shop on Etsy, "good4you" that hails from Cape Cod. I don't know who's behind it, or where exactly on the Cape they are, but I like their style. :)

"my work is an herbal creation oasis. a seven year project. i make herbal art. what i create comes as the inspiration does, and goes with your choosing."

"the teas are my roots, salves are the stems and everything else i create are the leaves. the remedies give color, I draw to feel how it heals... "

"new projects may lead me in other ways eventually... so i say, if you see something that clicks with you, don't wait to bring it home"

Visit this colorful shop of 

herbs love art and eco friendliness


    Thursday, May 5, 2011

    Cape Cod Profile: The Sleeping Dog

     If you're looking for custom photo jewelry, whether you live on Cape Cod, or points beyond, you'll find an awesome assortment offered by The Sleeping Dog!

    The Sleeping Dog is a one woman shop run by artist and teacher, Jenn. Having a love of all things found, reclaimed, re-treasured, and re-loved serves as a catalyst for much of her creations.

    All pieces are handmade with love and one of a kind - but should you see something that's been sold and want more - contact Jenn and she will do her best to create a new piece just for you.

    Jenn lives with her best friend (who also happens to be her husband) their cherished daughter, and their crazy (but wonderful) dog Lilly.

    When Jenn isn't teaching she can often be found staring up at the trees and moonlighting making art and jewelry into the very wee hours of the night in her Cape Cod studio...where the memory of her much beloved dog Kaia (for whom her shop is named) lives on.

    A thousand thank you's...and enjoy!

    *************A Portion of Select Proceeds
    *will be Donated to Canine Cancer Research*

    Please visit Jenn's shop at:

     This is a periodic Cape Cod Dreamer feature of  local Cape Cod artisans... support your local artists... and buy handmade! :)

    Tuesday, March 29, 2011

    Etsy's Team Cape Cod Spring Treasuries

    Have a look at these handmade goodies by local Cape Cod sellers on
    Shop our local artists and crafters for Easter, Mother's Day, etc... gifts for all occasions!

    Treasury by Where on Earth Tees

    Treasury by Market 1

    Treasury by Cape Cod Soy Candle

    Enjoy the day!
    Linda :)