Monday, April 7, 2008

Touched by gangs

An Internet friend of mine, here on the Cape,  is asking for prayers for her two nephews, who were jumped by some gang members in Fairhaven(not a very appropriate name in this instance) this past Friday night. My friends son was supposed to go with them to see a HipHop concert, but circumstances prevented him... and thankfully, so. The nephews were stabbed numerous times... one died that night, and the other is in critical condition.

I just don't get the pull of gangs, especially here on the Cape. I know there are some wangsters here (wanna-be gangsters), my younger  foster son is one. He plasters his MySpace with pictures of himself, adorned with bandannas of a particular color, striking a pose, with fingers contorted to show his particular "affiliation". It is with great relief, that he has not found anyone else here to bang with, and our family, and his have been able to keep him occupied with wholesome activities, like Boy Scouts, fishing and the Civil Air Patrol. Since he's been with us, his "gang talk" has considerably diminished, and I am grateful.

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