Friday, May 28, 2010

Potato Chips and Good Taste

I start my day with a hot cup of coffee, AFTER I feed the cats (they're pokin' their paws under my door, before I even get out of bed) and wake up the kids on my way downstairs to my office/crafting room. So, I sit down at my desk, with my now luke-warm coffee, and flip on the monitor to see if I sold anything overnight, check out the front page of Etsy to see what's up, surf around the site... and I come upon this hand knit market bag that's really cute, AND on sale for only $8...  can you say "handcrafted steal"!?!

Then, I take a second look... hey, that's a "Cape Cod Potato Chips" bag! I LOVE Cape Cod Potato Chips!
So, I look to the side of the listing, and see it's Peanut and Tommy, based in Connecticut. They OBviously have good taste, I mean, CCPC are the BEST dang potato chips in the WORLD, and they're made right here on Cape Cod... just sayin'.
So, I look around the store, and I found a couple of things that would be very nice to have here on CC.

How about this Hand Knit Tote Bag in fabulous nautical colors... and, it's on sale, too! Only $10 !!!

And, for when the sun goes down, and it gets a little chilly, wouldn't this be nice to wrap around your neck? It's hand crocheted in organic cotton yarn, and a bargain at only $25!

Check out the rest of what Peanut and Tommy has to offer, and while you're at it, check out Peanut and Tommy Too , for some unique vintage finds. :)


PeanutandTommy said...

Thanks so much for featuring my shop! And yes, I love Cape Cod potato chips too. Great minds think alike, LOL!

Cindy Carver said...

Love the grocery bag. I like reuseable bags. I'm the one at the grocery check-out with bags from Romantic Times Conference, WalMart, Kroger, and the Navy Px :) They all get used.