Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Yes, it's hot... so, why am I thinking about crochet?

 I know it's hot... it's been hot for weeks... it's gonna be hot for weeks to come.  So, I can't help but dream of Fall, and cool weather, and yarn, and sweaters, and cozy crocheted things. :)

Valerie is Etsy's "crochetgal", and she made the beautiful shrug above. :) 

I just love this "loopy" little scarf... it's light enough to add a colorful accent, even in this heat!

This gorgeous shawl is a wearable piece of art! 

Have a look around her shop... she also carries crochet patterns, an awesome collection of yarns, as well as, home make wooden soap dishes!

Etsy shop -
Right now, until the end if the month, crochetgal is having a Christmas in July Sale...
All shawls and yarn are 20% off!
(as a paypal refund)

Stay cool, and stay dry, my friends. :)

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