Friday, March 19, 2010


I think it's pretty awesome to have our local girl, Siobhan Magnus, take American Idol by storm!

I expect we'll see her talent take her to the top, and my fingers are crossed that she be, the NEXT American Idol!


Maria Soto Robbins said...

Oh, I love Siobhan! Now that our local Miami girl is out, I'll be voting for her! She's got a heck of a voice & wonderful unique style!

Sara at Soap Rehab said...

Love Siobhan! Cool to see more of her story :)

capecodjewel said...

My 15 yr old daughter figured out that she knows Siobhan... a friend and her had gone to the glass blowing shop she was at, and my daughter said Siobhan gave her a deal on some beads. :) I remember when she told me about the girl who was a glass blower... I tell you, it's a small world. ;)