Monday, March 29, 2010

Touched by Angels? More like touched by greed!

If you live on Cape Cod, you've probably seen the tables set up in your local supermarket, or gotten the phone calls or mailings looking for donations, and you've probably given money to the charity group that calls themselves, "Touched by Angels".  You may have even attended one of their "charity events". 

I had given them money in the past, and as of a couple of weeks ago, when I got one of their mailings, I assumed they were still in business helping unfortunate families who had experienced incredible loss or hardship.  I happened to catch this video on local ch17 yesterday while channel surfing, and to say I'm horrified is an understatement.
Please take the time to watch this, and share it with everyone you know. 

Touched by Angels from Stephen Ledwell on Vimeo.

I hope the Attorney General's Office and our local District Attorney are going to do something about Gina and Chris Clark. They are obviously still in business, their website is still up accepting purchases and donations. Wouldn't all those sponsors like to know if their donations are really helping the people they were meant to, after this video has come out? 

Look, Touched by Angels is having a 50% off sale on gift certificates... must be in a hurry to get as much money as they can, before someone pulls the plug!

Look at all the good people who are sponsors... wouldn't one of our local lawyers like to take on a class action suite to make Gina and Chris Clark pay for anything they might have stolen from these good people on the premiss of a charity?

Wouldn't one of our local lawyers like to take on a class action suite to right the wrongs committed against the grieving families in the video?

I hope so, and I hope the Clarks pay a heavy price for anything criminal they may have done!

Touched by Angels on Vimeo:

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Anonymous said...

For whatever reason why are these two scumbags in jail as we chat. They have to be the lowest form of scum claiming that they are helping the unfortunate. After seeing Gina on Channel 25 actually crying and claiming she put her money into this charity I wanted to throw up. Hopefully they will get their sooner than later.